Friday, November 5, 2010

The Extra Engine & the Deficit

Gail Collins discusses the extra engine for the Joint Strike Fighter.

MADDOW: John Boehner as speaker -- is John Boehner more serious about the deficit than this tax thing would suggest? Is there anything about him as a politician that suggests he does get this as an issue?

COLLINS: There`s one thing, a plane, the F-35, which has two engines. Every time they build one, they build two engines, an extra engine just to put in your pocketbook in case the extra one you lose it somehow.

The Pentagon has been begging forever, please, please can we stop building two engines? They are built near John Boehner`s district. And John Boehner will throw his body on the second engine any time. He`s that serious about cutting the deficit.

MADDOW: I think I get the point.

"New York Times" columnist Gail Collins. It is a pleasure to read your column and it`s even more of a pleasure to have you here.

COLLINS: It`s great to be here.

MADDOW: Thank you.

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